Face of Defeat

Week 4’s Face of Defeat

This mans play-calling abilities are in question.

This man's play-calling abilities are in question.

With the Cowboys trailing 17-10 in Denver on Sunday, Cowboys offensive coordinator was faced with a third and goal from the Bronco 2 yard line. “Number one receiver” Roy E. Williams was out with an injury leaving Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Jason Witten as the three primary receivers on the field.

Romo elected to throw to Hurd on third down, who was being covered by eight-time Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey.  After Bailey swatted away the first attempt, Garrett and company come back with the same play. Instead of using another option, Sir Tony threw to a receiver who had one catch on the season coming into Sunday’s game. While Hurd made a pivotal catch to help set up the goal to go situation, he’s not a go to guy in that spot.

No problem though. Surely they would not dream of calling a similar play, going to the same receiver on fourth down? Yes and yes. Another throw to Hurd. Another pass breakup by Bailey. Why Garrett called for a play that kept his best receiver (Witten) into block on consecutive plays is insane. Dallas bolstered up the pass protection since Denver sent the house on those plays. However, the ball is at the DENVER 2!! Who cares if they breathe on Romo a little bit. At least Witten will be in the pattern at that point.

Pure nonsense from the Cowboys and once again, their franchise quarterback failed to deliver in the clutch.

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