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Packers/Vikings MNF Live Blog – Apocalypse Now Part I

The time is here.

The time is here.

The time has come for Green Bay to face the Chairman of the Board…Mr. Wrangler…the Gunslinger…King of the Living Room…King of the Red Zone… and King of the Offseason Retirement…Minnesota’s new lord and savior, Brett Lorenzo Favre. Sit back with a bratwurst and in the words of The Cars, let the good times roll.


8:30 – Jon Gruden declares he is so fired up he can barely talk. Perhaps some people would see that as a positive. I’m not necessarily one of them…just sayin’.

8:34 – Deanna is in the house naturally as the Favres converge on Minnesota. Gruden runs a demonstration on why Favre understands the offense so effectively. He whips out a play from the 1995 NFC title game, a 75 yard TD pass to Robert Brooks on a post pattern. Ok, brownie points for Gruden.

8:37 – Coin toss time as Favre and Rodgers get together at mid-field. Oh god, START THE GAME ALREADY….

8:44 – Early count: Shirtless Vikings fans 1, Favre on-air references 0. As Joe Buck would say, “a good start” by ESPN. Granted, we’re only three minutes in.

8:48 – Jared Allen busts through, exploits the undermanned Packer offensive line and forces a fumble of Green Bay’s A-Rod…recovered by Minny. Time for 4 and Purple Jesus.

8:54 – First play for Minny’s offense…run to AP as it should be…he’s the real bread winner on the offense.

8:57 – First throw by Gunslinger is a slant for 16 yards to Berrian. Soon after unsportsmanlike conduct against Green Bay for taunting Adrian Peterson. The sterilization of the NFL continues…

9:oo – Favre slips official $100 for a favorable spot on a Berrian catch. He moves it closer to setup a fourth and inches that Vikings convert on an AP run. Brad Childress needs a razor. Slight trim Brad.

9:03 – Favre family rejoices…Gunslinger to Shiancoe. 7-0 Vikings. AP carried seven times on drive…on pace for close to 60 carries on the evening which would be a-ok with Captain Mississippi.

9:08 – Ooooh….Vikings fans celebrating at Favre steakhouse in Green Bay. The ghost of Vince Lombardi can’t be pleased about this. By the way…we take a quick break for this musical interlude.

9:10 – Not to be outdone, A-Rod goes up top for tight end Jermichael Finley for 62 yards and a touchdown. The Gunslinger loads the gun with a few more bullets. He will not be denied on this night…he hopes. Meanwhile, multiple fantasy league manager sites had their servers crash as fantasy football heads check the free agent status of Finley. Nerds. Ok, I’m one of those guys…my apologies. Packers 7, Vikings 7.

9:18 – Packers czar Ted Thompson is on the screen…looking like he needs a cigarette.

9:20 – END OF FIRST…FAVRESTOCK ’09 continues after this message:

9:24 – Packers decide to go for it on a fourth and three…Greg Jennings catches a deflected ball and gets a first down a the Minnesota 32.

9:25 – Childress looks like the guy who just arrived to a college Astronomy class five minutes late because he was stuck in traffic…all kinds of flustered. According to Tirico, Childress frantically tried to challenge the Jennings catch but couldn’t get the flag out of his pocket.

9:27 – Disaster avoided. Antoine Winfield intercepts…Minny ball.

9:35 – Charles Woodson called for holding on Shiancoe…really? Holding the tight end!?! Penalty bails out the Vikings in Green Bay territory.

9:39 – Camera shots all around. Gunslinger to Sid Rice on a third and 11 on a sweet throw. Then, he promptly does the reverse chest bump with Chester Taylor, who subsequently falls to the ground. Vikes 14, Packers 7.

9:47 – Green Bay’s offensive line could be the death of their team in ’09. Obviously, they have problems with good defensive lines. Jared Allen is excited about such a prospect as he gets another sack.

9:51 – WOW! Linebacker Clay Matthews channels former Packer defensive back George Teague and rips the ball away from AP on a sweep and takes it to the house for six. The HHH dome is a bit stunned by this development. By the way, that is AP’s 15th fumble since ’07, the most by any NFL back during that time frame. Packers 14, Vikings 14.

9:59 – SuperBrett to Harvin sets up goal to go situation for Minny. He then promptly throws a pic to Charles Woodson but it is called back thanks to a pass interference call.

10:00 – After the near disaster in the endzone. Minnesota goes to you know who on first and goal from the 1. Apparently, defense is not on the menu tonight. Vikings 21, Packers 14

10:03 – Gruden and Jaws did the best they could. Favremania is bubbling over.  “THIS GUY IS GOING TO BE 40 SOON!!!!!!!” Gruden is busting out war stories…it’s on…and there is no coming back.

10:06 – Gruden on 4: “I miss him.”  That just happened. Poor Gru-Dog. He means well.

10:10 – HALFTIME – VIKES 21, PACK 14


10:25 – Bill Simmons tweet:  “If Minny makes NFC title game, do you think Childress will be asked to stay 100 yards away from the Punt Pass + Kick winners?” Ouch.

10:29 – Favre retires and unretires in the pocket to find Jeff Dugan for a big gain into Green Bay territory.

10:30 – Next play…Golden Brett to Berrian for 31 yard TD. Uh oh. Vikings 28, Packers 14. Has anyone seen the Green Bay defensive line? Anybody? Anyone? Guess not.

10:36 – ESPN just timed how long Favre had in the pocket on the Dugan catch. 7.34 seconds. Green Bay is one long AP run away from being down for the count.

10:42 – Sack count….Vikings 5, Packers 0. Oh boy.

10:45 – Ben Leber stops Finley on a 3rd and goal catch at the 1. Packers in “we don’t need a field goal” mode and decide to go for it….and it’s a drop in the endzone by an open Donald Lee. Somewhere Baltimore’s Mark Clayton cringes.

10:53 – Third quarter closes. How soon before the first “we should have never gotten rid of Brett” phone call hits the airwaves in Green Bay? While foolish, someone will do it.

10:59 – A word if I may on the Wildcat. I’d like to see the success rate and average yards per play gained by teams not named the Miami Dolphins in the Wilddog formation as Philly sports talk show host Howard Eskin calls it. Minnesota just put Harvin in the gun…handed off to Peterson…who tossed off to Rice…who then attempted to pass.  Incomplete. Why?!!?!?!?!?! You’re up 14. Stop it. MEMO TO COACHES…STOP COPYING ONE ANOTHER!!!!!!

11:05 – Rodgers sack #6.

11:12 – In case you didn’t know, Favre vs. Packers – Round 2 heads your way on November 1. Interestingly enough, there is no Sunday night game that week because of the World Series. Ironically, Joe Buck will not be able to call Vikes/Pack for FOX because of his World Series commitments. So instead, it appears you will get Kenny Albert and Troy Aikman. Total guess on my part but based off of the FOX way of doing things, it would appear they’d go that way.

11:19 – My, my, my. Rodgers fumbles thanks to Jared Allen again…and it’s recovered at Packers 1. Challenge by McCarthy…as it turns out, this will be a safety instead of a fumble.

11:24 – SAFETY! Rodgers sacked seven times, 3.5 coming from Jared Allen. Vikings 30, Packers 14.

11:32 – When Jermichael Finley is your leading receiver, it’s going to be a long night. Greg Jennings apparently retired prior to the start of the second half.

11:36 – Packers actually didn’t allow Rodgers to take a beating on latest drive. Rodgers to Nelson for 33 yards and a score. Failed 2-pt conversion. It’s time to up the camera shots on depressed Packers fans. Vikings 30, Packers 20

11:40 – Vikings recover an onside kick. Curious choice of playcalling with three minutes left and the Packers without any timeouts. Childress and company dial up a bomb on 3rd and 10 which falls incomplete. JUST RUN IT!

11:44 – It’s the two minute warning…which reminds me to offer a gratuitous plug for Two Minute Warning.

11:46 – So, umm…Bad Clock Management Brad has opened the door for the Packers….this one isn’t quite over yet.

11:48 – My god. Allen sack 4.5. Number eight on the night. Egads. The drive culminates with a field goal by Mason Crosby to close it to a one possession game with 55 seconds left. Vikings 30, Packers 23.

11:51 – Rice jumps out of the dome to catch the onside kick for Minny. Ball game. Favre now owns a defeat over every NFL team. Postgame Favre to come.

11:53 – 4 shakes hands with Rodgers and proclaims this was a lot of fun to Michele Tafoya. “One game does not define my career.” Sargeant Favre says this was not about revenge and that the organization decided to go in another direction. Tafoya ends the interview by reminding the great one that he just played his last game in his 30s. I don’t think he liked that one.

11:58 – My dad asks me about Favre’s place in history. He then goes on to say that Terry Bradshaw is the greatest QB of all-time which is my cue to go to bed. However, one last bit. I assume Packers fans are feeling a little like Dawson Leery when his beloved Josephine Potter left him for Pacey Witter. Sorry Packer fans. I think this video sums it up.  Leery (Packer fans), Joey (Favre), Pacey (Vikings). The sun shall rise in Wisconsin again. Goodnight and good luck.


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