Cleveland Browns

Edwards Traded To Jets; Crabtree Finally Signs

Rumored to be in the market for a receiver for months, the Jets nabbed Braylon Edwards from the Browns in a trade completed on Wednesday morning.  The Browns get receiver Chansi Stuckey, linebacker Jason Trusnik, and undisclosed picks in the deal.

An interesting sidenote will be if anything comes of the NFL’s investigation into the matter involving Edwards and a friend of LeBron James. It is alleged that Edwards was in a nightclub Sunday night after the team’s loss to Cincinnati and punched James’ friend Edward Givens.

Today’s lesson boys and girls:

1. Don’t mess with LeBron James.

2. Don’t get in a fight at a nightclub after the worst game of your career.

In other NFL receiver news, the 49ers and rookie receiver Michael Crabtree FINALLY reached an agreement on Wednesday morning. Here’s to Crabtree for not becoming the Maurice Clarett of receivers.

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