Indianapolis Colts

The Mediocre 22

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The Indianapolis Colts established a new NFL record on Sunday by defeating the Denver Broncos and winning its 22 straight regular season game in the process. The achievement which dates back to early last season bested the efforts of the 2006-08 Patriots, who won 21 regular season games in a row.

While certainly a  tremendous accomplishment, it does make me wonder about the competition. Alas, here is a list of the quarterbacks that the Colts vanquished along the way towards NFL history:

Matt Cassel

Ben Roethlisberger

Sage Rosenfels

Philip Rivers

Derek Anderson

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Dan Orlovsky

David Garrard (2)

Vince Young/Kerry Collins (3)

Chad Pennington

Kurt Warner

Seneca Wallace

Marc Bulger

Alex Smith

Matt Schaub (2)

Tom Brady

Joe Flacco

Kyle Orton

Most of the names on that list aren’t exactly riveting or ones that will conjure up memories on Montana, Unitas, and Elway but we’ll tip our cap to the Colts for doing something that is harder to come by these days in the National Football League and that is consistency.

Bravo Colts, bravo.

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