Carolina Panthers

Panthers D Calls Out Moss; Claim He “Shut It Down”

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Once again, Randy Moss is in the eye of the storm and this time its in New England. Accused throughout his career of quitting on plays, the Carolina Panthers came out and said as much following their 20-10 loss in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Sunday.

The belief from the Panther camp was that once their secondary got physical with Moss, he gave up or as Chris Gamble put it, “shut it down”.  Moss factored in on an interception thrown by Tom Brady when Gamble stepped in front of the receiver for a first half interception.

Then, on Moss’ lone reception in the game, he fumbled at the end of the play. Some pointed to Moss being sent home on Wednesday after being late for a meeting along with three other players as cause for his lackluster effort on Sunday. However, that cannot be solely the reason.

During New England’s blowout loss to New Orleans a few weeks ago, Westwood One’s Mark Malone said on the national radio broadcast that Moss quit repeatedly on plays throughout the game. Malone, who was a former quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a student of the game and would certainly know when a receiver is mailing it in.

I’m not sure what the resolution on this situation is going to be this season, but this probably is not going to end well for Moss. After all, according to his career script, this is where he begins his exit stage right.

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