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Stallworth to the Ravens

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Donté Stallworth is back in the NFL, this time with the Baltimore Ravens. Stallworth signed a one-year deal with Baltimore in hopes of rebuilding a once promising NFL career.

The former Saint, Patriot, and Brown was reinstated by the NFL after serving a season-long suspension stemming from pleading guilty to DUI vehicular manslaughter last year.

Stallworth’s deal calls for a $900,000 contract with potentially $300,000 worth of incentives.

It’s a fair risk for the Ravens, who have a history of supporting troubled stars (see Lewis, Ray). If it pays off, he will help a passing game that 18th in 2009.

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  1. You’re right about this being a risk, but with that risk the Ravens should be getting a reward in return. His stats are impressive and his charachter as expressed by former teammates are of a great guy with a great attitude who made an unfortunate mistake that he is highly paying for now.

    My question is how do you think this will further stereotype Baltimore? They are known as a team of ‘thugs’ and murderers; however, Lewis was never charged and Stallworth pleaded guilty to manslaughter which is much different. Granted, the team has charachters like Jamal Lewis, Terrell Suggs, etc. to take that stereotype further. But, is Steve Bisciotti being smart in his statement about taking risks on giving second chances to players like Stallworth?

  2. Well, the Lewis-Stallworth parallels are going to be drawn pretty quickly even though the situations are vastly different as you said.

    The NFL has become a league of second-chances as far as the players go. Teams that have top to bottom quality citizens are dwindling fast.

    You hit on a key point though. I think teams/front office management ask themselves a few questions when dealing with situations like this:

    1. Is he a good locker room guy?
    2. Do we have people who can look out for him?
    3. Can he help our football team win games?
    4. Are we going to take a severe public relations hit from signing the player?

    If the answers are positive, then it’s probably worth a shot. If the Eagles got through the Vick thing, then the Ravens can work with Stallworth.

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