Cleveland Browns

Delhomme Signs With Browns; Completes Highway Robbery

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Robbery&iid=3606412″ src=”b/0/e/1/Highway_Robbery_ad35.jpg?adImageId=11244177&imageId=3606412″ width=”380″ height=”290″ /]

The Cleveland Browns signed Jake Delhomme to a two-year contract on Saturday. Bringing in a guy after the worst year of his career to a team with considerable quarterback issues is not the best idea to have. Then again, signing to a deal worth $7 million in the deal’s first year is not necessarily a wise move either.

The picture above depicts a man committing highway robbery back from the late 1880s, which brings us to the rest of the story with Delhomme. The 35-year-old former Carolina Panther stands to make over $19 million in 2010.

Remember that awful playoff game Delhomme authored versus the Arizona Cardinals during the ’08 postseason? Soon after that contest, he signed a contract extension with Carolina that included a guaranteed $12.7 million to come in 2010. Woops.

In short, Carolina obviously hoped that his career would not take such a calamitous turn and he would once again return them to the postseason. Instead, he is wearing a Browns jersey one season later.

Ultimately, Carolina should be blamed for trusting a guy that much who threw five interceptions in team’s biggest game of the year.

However, Cleveland, who is in severe need of quarterback stability, opted to sign Delhomme, who dating back to the Cardinals playoff game has fired 23 interceptions in his last 12 games.

Delhomme as a backup is a viable option but not as a player making $7 million as a potential starter.

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