Face of Defeat

The JMRA Awards: 2009’s Ultimate Face of Defeat

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Washington+Redskins&iid=7435131″ src=”a/c/e/1/Redskins_Mason_gains_53c1.JPG?adImageId=11575177&imageId=7435131″ width=”380″ height=”278″ /]

This marks the first installment of the JMRA Awards, as we salute the best and worst in football during the 2009 season. Our first award honors the worst in the NFL.

The 2009 Ultimate Face of Defeat is…Jim Zorn

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Jim+Zorn&iid=7396841″ src=”6/5/9/4/Washington_Redskins_v_d091.jpg?adImageId=11575345&imageId=7396841″ width=”380″ height=”255″ /]

With a tip of the cap to the deposed Dick Jauron, Zorn’s Redskins not only underachieved but they did so in such a heartbreaking, futile manner that it made giving this honor to someone else foolish.

Where does one start with Zorn’s Redskins? The loss at Detroit, who had not won a game in over a year? What about the home loss to Kansas City? Or maybe getting outscored 62-12 in back to back home dates versus the Giants and Cowboys?

Well, the embodiment of the Zorn Redskins seemed to be their home overtime loss to the Saints in Week 13. They showed an inability to handle any sort of offensive/defensive prosperity; committed costly turnovers; and were armed with a terrible place kicker.

Yep, all of those things are ingredients for a coach to get fired.

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