Donovan McNabb

McNabb On The Block

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Now that the NFL decided to rework its overtime rules for the postseason, perhaps the next big news story will regard the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback situation.

According to Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer, McNabb’s availability has been a hot topic during the annual league meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Logic says the Eagles will not have all three quarterbacks on their roster by the time next month’s draft rolls around on April 22. This might be their best opportunity to work multiple suitors in one setting at a given time.

It would appear that McNabb would be the likely candidate to go considering the Eagles probably want to find out how good Kevin Kolb is sooner rather than later. As for Vick, according to Fox, numerous team executives are leery of the former Falcons quarterback because he wants to start. We know one thing about NFL executives. They tend to be a tad impatient. Waiting for a guy who has not started an NFL game since December 31, 2006 to figure it out again probably isn’t the best idea for a team.

Yet, what is the value of McNabb and Kolb?

In a league where Charlie Whitehurst just signed a two-year, $8 million with the Seattle Seahawks after never starting a game during his four-year NFL stint, you better believe teams are starving for quarterbacks in some cases.

The Eagles are not going to do anything unless they get their money’s worth in draft picks. By the way, let me repeat that. CHARLIE WHITEHURST SIGNED A TWO-YEAR, $8 MILLION CONTRACT. Also, he could make an extra $2 million dollars in incentives as well. CHARLIE WHITEHURST!!!!!

Anyhow, the Eagles will easily get second round picks for one of the quarterbacks but they have greater designs for their trade value. Ultimately, they are in a position most NFL teams would envy. They have three quarterbacks that they’ll potentially keep if their demands are not met.

Advantage Eagles.

P.S. Start packing your bags Donovan. It was fun.

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