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McNabb and Minnesota

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Donovan+McNabb&iid=7815398″ src=”b/8/4/d/The_11th_Annual_9e20.jpg?adImageId=11760141&imageId=7815398″ width=”380″ height=”296″ /]

Pretty soon Donovan McNabb is going to make his way around the entire National Football League. The latest states McNabb’s desire to head to Minnesota if he had his druthers.

I love how players think that a team is going to trade them to another contender in conference. There is no way the Eagles, who fashion themselves as yearly contenders to go to the Super Bowl, are going to deal McNabb to a team that narrowly missed out on making the Super Bowl.

McNabb’s reported thoughts are not going to force the hand of a certain someone in Mississippi.

Regardless of who Philly’s quarterback is, the Eagles are not trading McNabb to the Vikings or any other contender in the NFC. Even the Cardinals, who lost Kurt Warner to retirement, would be an absurd trade partner. Unless someone gives the Eagles a ridiculous amount of compensation, McNabb is not going to a winning team.

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