JaMarcus Russell

The JMRA Awards: Least Valuable Player

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Last season, perhaps no one player symbolized the troubles of a franchise quite like Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

During 2009, Russell embodied Oakland’s season long ineptitude. Largely considered a bust from the 2007 NFL Draft, Russell posted one of the all-time worst seasons for a starting quarterback in 2009.

Let us review the worst of JaMarcus Russell by the numbers. Here is a look at his biggest bombs of the season:

Opponent Comp-Att Yards TD-INT Rating Result
Vs. Denver 12-21 61 0-2 22.6 23-3 L
Vs. NYJ 6-11 61 0-2 31.1 38-0 L
Vs. KC 8-23 64 0-0 43.6 16-10 L
@ KC 7-24 109 0-0 46.0 13-10W
Vs. Wash. 10-16 74 0-1 47.4 34-13 L

He compiled a measly quarterback rating of 50.0 for the season and is becoming better known for his waistline than play on the field.

He reportedly showed up to Raider facilities during this offseason and weighed a robust 290 pounds. Further reports claim he is suffering from lethargy addiction. Well done by a guy who may very well start out the ’10 season on the bench.

In ’09, Russell’s lackluster play sent Oakland to its seventh straight losing season. Overall, he fired three touchdown passes and 11 interceptions in 12 starts. After an awful ’09, Russell is to quarterbacking what Ishtar was to the film industry.

Congratulations on the honor JaMarcus. You deserved it. Jake Delhomme sends his best.

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