Ben Roethlisberger

More Reasons Why Big Ben Should Not Play Anytime Soon

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Kudos to the Atlanta Journal Constitution for unearthing this gem from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in regards to the Ben Roethlisberger case.

A 572-page document was released by GBI on Thursday that included information on another unreported incident involving the Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback.

The following comes from the AJC rendering of the story:

The incident allegedly occurred during a party at Roethlisberger’s house in Reynolds Plantation. A young woman not interviewed by authorities claims the quarterback pulled his pants down and told her she could “do whatever she wants,” according to the GBI report.

Oh but wait…there is more.

A week later, the woman, believed to be 21 or 22, attended another party thrown by Roethlisberger. She claims the 28-year-old quarterback was drunk and forced his hand up her skirt. She was able to escape and informed her father of the incident but he apparently encouraged his daughter not to pursue a criminal complaint, the report states.

This complaint was not filed but my goodness. If you’re the Steelers or the NFL for that matter, how can this guy been on the field on opening day or any another Sunday soon after?

Forget about two to four games. It might be time to start talking about that six games or more time frame. Granted, he has not been found guilty of anything. Yet, there are now three women who have expressed issue with his conduct towards them, one of which was under 21 in a bar where he was supplying drinks.

Making matters worse in the most recent sexual assault case is the plight of Georgia officer, who resigned since being involved with the situation and one of Big Ben’s bodyguards is under investigation.

As I’ve pointed out before, I find it extremely damming that there aren’t a lot of (any?) Roethlisberger backers. No one seems to be jumping in front of a bus for the guy and that should sound a few alarms for people.

It’s time to shut this guy down…for a long time.

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