JaMarcus Russell

The Marriage of Al Davis and Jason Campbell

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One of the more intriguing developments out of this weekend’s draft is Jason Campbell’s arrival to Oakland. Washington traded Campbell to the Raiders for a fifth-round draft pick in 2012 and in the process, possibly ending the JaMarcus Russell era.

Campbell never led his team to a record over .500 but he is coming off of the best season of his career. Albeit during a 4-12, Campbell threw 20 touchdown passes and posted a 86.4 quarterback rating.

Also, he started all 16 games the last two seasons. Those two things alone put him ahead of the curve versus recent Raider quarterbacks.

Will it work? Well, they can’t do any worse at this point after watching Russell submarine the team the last few seasons. While he’s not in the mad bomber mold of previous Al Davis quarterbacks (Lamonica, Stabler, etc.), Campbell may actually give them a chance to improve on a week to week basis.

Give the Raiders credit for actually taking a gamble that makes sense and in turn, in all likelihood cutting ties with Russell.





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Kerry Collins


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JaMarcus Russell


JaMarcus Russell


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