Dallas Cowboys

Romo To Williams = Montana To Rice?!?

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Roy E. Williams and the word modesty does not appear in the same sentence often. During an interview with a Dallas radio station, Williams was anything but modest in assessing his blossoming relationship with his quarterback/part-time golfer Tony Romo.

Williams told KVET-AM in Dallas that the bad chemistry between the two was a thing of the past. He went so far to suggest that the duo is rekindling memories of one of the greatest pass-catching combos in league history. I hope you’re sitting down.

“Last year around this time, we were throwing and catching and it wasn’t very good. Just to be quite honest with you, we were missing balls, and bad throws and drops and all that in the offseason that carried over to the season. But this year, we’re connecting like Montana and Rice. It’s night and day from last year, so I know we’re expecting big things for both of us.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Williams owns 57 catches to his credit during 20 games in his Cowboys career.

Meanwhile, there is a good chance he will not be the team’s number two wide receiver by the end of the 2010 season. Remember, there is a reason why Dez Bryant is a Cowboy.

Expressing confidence is one thing. Dropping the names of arguably two of the five greatest players in NFL history in that manner is sheer lunacy.

In his final year as a starter for the 49ers, Montana helped Rice post 100 receptions for 1,502 yards and 13 touchdowns.

If the combination of Romo and Williams is responsible for a comparable total, I’ll gladly eat my computer.

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