Brett Favre

Darren Sharper Plans To Visit Favre’s Ankle

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Saints safety Darren Sharper chimed in on Brett Favre’s recent ankle surgery. Never one to be afraid of making a statement, Sharper basically announced his intentions for Favre’s surgically repaired ankle.

Via America’s number one authority in breaking news, Twitter, Sharper relayed the following message:

“Well y’all seen Brett had surgery on that ankle we got after in the championship game. Come Thursday night 1st game. X marks the spot.”


Sharper, who is coming off surgery himself, clearly has little sympathy for the old graybeard.

Is there a proposition bet for which Saint defender will be fined on Opening Night yet? Or better yet, who is the Saint defender that will take the “free 15” just to lay one on Father Time’s ankle?

Again, wise move by the NFL to make this the 2010 opener. America should not have to wait until November to see Sharper attempt to cash in on his ominous tweet.

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