Brett Favre

Weird Moments In Search Engine History

Watching the highlights of Tom Cruise’s spotlight stealing performance on Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards reminded me of an odd item regarding this blog.

It seems that when someone runs a search for a body part regarding Tom Cruise’s favorite leading lady these days, it may very well lead someone to this blog.

It appears that someone found our trusty blog by searching the phrase “Katie Holmes mangled ankle.”

Unless something is wildly new in the world of TomKat, I had no idea why such a phrase would bring up this blog in a search engine.

However, after a careful study, it became rather clear why this happened.

Does the name Brett Favre mean anything?

That’s right. Only on this blog can you run a search on Katie Holmes’ ankle and end up here. A search on the Ohio native’s “mangled ankle” will lead you towards this site due to a post containing a picture of Favre’s battered ankle after the 2009 NFC title game versus New Orleans.

Thus, even when Favre is not in the spotlight and folks are just trying to get their gossip on, he is lurking in the shadows.

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