Seattle Seahawks

Theatre of the Absurd Featuring Golden Tate

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Seattle Seahawks rookie receiver Golden Tate and a friend like doughnuts a little too much apparently. Local police in Bellevue, Washington issued a “trespassing warning” to Tate for being inside a Top Pot Doughnuts shop at 3am Saturday morning.

For you youngsters out there, doughnut shops typically aren’t open after 3am.

Oddly enough, Tate resides in the same building as the doughnut shop which is on the bottom floor.

Somehow, a door was left open as Tate and a friend entered the building and went to town. The rookie explained himself for his actions:

“Freshly baked. I made the mistake of—a buddy made the mistake going in grabbing a couple. We ate them. This is the wrong type of media I want to bring to the organization.”

Just keep him away from those Krispy Kremes.

Perhaps the punchline to all of this is that Top Pot Doughnuts just signed a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks in March to begin selling doughnuts and coffee at Qwest Field events.

Thus, when Tate has a moment in pregame this season, he can make a run for Top Pot and somewhat legally.

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