New England Patriots

Tom Brady, His Hair, & The Bryants

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Some are expressing concern over Tom Brady trading well-wishes with Kobe Bryant following Boston’s Game 3 loss to the Lakers in the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

Not only did Brady briefly break bread with Kobe but he also sat next to Joe “Jellybean” Bryant (pictured above) during Tuesday night’s game.

This story reminds me of my two uncles, who used to tell me a tale about professional wrestling during the 70s. As youngsters, they would go to a wrestling show and see two guys beat the crap out of each other in the ring. Then, hours later the same pair would get in a car and ride off together in jovial fashion.

That basically explains player to player relationships no matter the sport. It seems we are far removed from players being caught up in rivalries due to money, prestige, etc.

It’s just not a realistic expectation to think Brady, who is from Northern California originally, will walk into the Garden and hate on Kobe because he rocks the purple and gold.

Guys like Bryant and Brady are cut from the same stock and it’s not the same stock as Joe Six-Pack. Sorry Boston but its ok for a Boston legend to chat amicably with a legend from Los Angeles. After all, didn’t Bird and Magic get all gooey together during a retirement ceremony? Isn’t that a greater foul? I think so.

Chill Boston.

On a side note, if one of your friends sported Brady’s haircut right now, you’d probably rag on him and shame him into a haircut.

That do looks like it’s straight out of the British Invasion courtesy of Ringo Starr. That’s the greatness of Brady though. He can still wear it and pull it off because, well, he is Tom Brady.

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