Music Monday

Music Monday With Vince Young

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Matt Bowen of the National Football Post hits a home run in his description today of the Vince Young situation.

The quarterback position, which as most NFL fans know, is arguably the most important position in sports. Not being talented enough to play the position is one thing but not being Vable to show the characteristics of a good leader ultimately is extremely problematic and harmful to any NFL team.

Getting into a fight in a strip club screams of someone who does not have the mental wherewithal to lead a team deep into the playoffs.

As the situation evolves, he may not have to worry about leading the Titans anywhere anytime soon.

If Ben Roethlisberger is potentially going to get six games (and rightfully so) for his transgressions, you can expect Roger Goodell to not have much sympathy for a player who couldn’t walk away from a fight in a strip club.

Hit the music.

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