Michael Vick

Music Monday With Michael Vick and Cake…(Not The Band)

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News broke on Friday that one of the men named in the Michael Vick case, Quanis Phillips, was shot outside a Virginia Beach nightclub where the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback enjoyed a 30th birthday celebration.

According to one source, the disagreement that always nefarious and disrespectful customer, birthday cake.

The New York Post reports that Phillips threw a piece of cake off of a female’s plate that hit Vick.

Suffice to say, such an act was not well received as Phillips was shot after the incident.

Police say that Michael Vick is not a person of interest in the case but they are still investigating the matter; while, Phillips was discharged from the hospital from Friday afternoon.

Both the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles released statements on the matter as each organization continues to gather facts on the incident.

One would hope that Vick would have the common sense not to get involved in the incident but then again, athletes continue to mystify the general public on a daily basis.

I’m in the mood for Junior Walker and the All-Stars. Let’s play the feud.

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  1. Very well written post and a nice blog you got going here! It is hard for me to comprehend why these same athletes are always putting themselves in a position to get in trouble. I’m not sure if it’s a nature or nurture type thing but guys like Vince Young, Pacman, Vick, the list goes on and on. I don’t know what pro leagues can do to help them. Also, you think you could take a quick look at my most recent post because I really want to hear your opinion on my thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/when-will-they-ever-learn/

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