Donovan McNabb

McNabb Fan Asked To Take Off Jersey At Eagles Camp

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Jim Devlin, a 43-year-old man from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, ruffled some proverbial feathers at Eagles training camp by wearing a Washington Redskins Donovan McNabb jersey.

Soon after he was spotted, Eagles security asked him to remove the jersey – evidently at the request of head coach Andy Reid.

While Eagles management claims differently, Devlin claims the request came from Mr. Reid himself.

Devlin reminds me of the kid who would wear a controversial jersey at school just to get a rise out of people. For example, during my high school days in South Jersey, I knew a guy who would wear Cowboys jerseys in the mid-90s to get a rise out of Eagles fans.

Like clockwork, Eagles fans would always yell at him. Simply put, mission accomplished…attention received.

Devlin evidently had nothing else better to do apparently and decided to trot out this jersey to draw the ire of Eagles fans. Again, mission accomplished.

In Devlin’s defense though, who cares about a guy wearing a McNabb jersey to an Eagles practice? Should that really result in having to take it off at practice? Anyhow, I sincerely hope that this is a case of an overzealous security guard making something up. Otherwise, it makes Reid look rather awkward.

This Eagles/McNabb byplay is rather entertaining though. Both sides say that it’s time to move on but both keep saying or doing things involving other.

Sounds like an old-fashioned lovers quarrel to me.

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