Music Monday

Music Monday with Dan Rooney

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Dan Rooney was thrown out of the press box at the new Meadowlands on Saturday night prior to the Giants/Steelers preseason game for not having the proper credentials.

To those unfamiliar with Mr. Rooney’s work, here is a quick summary of his accomplishments:

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame member
  • Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • U.S. ambassador to Ireland
  • Helped establish the “Rooney Rule”.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the person responsible for throwing out Rooney, did not realize who he was ejecting from the Giants’ press box.

Rooney flew from Ireland to watch not just any game, but a preseason game. That is devotion and dedication. Shame on the person who threw out Rooney.

In Rooney’s honor, we will revisit an artist from Pittsburgh…Todd Rundgren.

I’ll admit that I can’t tell you five things about his music career. However, I do know that his appearance on The Midnight Special in 1973 fits in perfectly with other singers of that era.

I’m sure David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, and Rundgren did lunch at some point.

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