Brett Favre

Live Blog: Niners/Vikes Until Favre Leaves Game

I’ve made a last minute decision to live blog while my flight is delayed.

I need preseason too…not just Minnesota’s relatively unknown QB.

8:14pm- I feel like I should preface every sentence by saying “I know it’s just preseason but…”

Anyhow, San Fran’s opening drive went smashing well. Anthony Dixon capped the drive with a short TD run.

Cue the music…Father Time is set to hit the field.

SF 7, Minny 0

8:22- Favre gets an easy swing pass to Peterson. First down.

Apparently, Minnesota’s line retired during the week. Favre got smoked by Pat Willis on second down. Welcome back.

Third and long…Chilly opts for the punt-causing draw.

Yes, Favre is still breathing just in case you were wondering.

8:30- I have a feeling San Francisco will not miss the now-retired Glen Coffee.

8:34- Chilly takes Favre out already. On a related note, what does Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams make of all of this?
Perhaps someone should wipe the drool off of his chin after watching Favre’s drive.

8:42- Why are the Vikes using AP like it’s game eight of the season? Just take him out already.

8:48- As a part of the CBA negotiations, the NFL should include a note that the Niners will lose two draft picks in the ’11 draft if they don’t win the NFC West this year. Seriously, they have no excuse.

8:54- Proposed NFC West standings: SF 10-6, Arizona 6-10, Seattle 4-12, St. Louis 3-13.

8:56- Favre is long gone and so am I. Back to Eating the Dinosaur and Exile On Main Street.

The live blog of doom returns on Thursday, September 9 for Vikings/Saints: The Hangover II.

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