Detroit Lions

Shaun Hill: Patriots “Literally Trying To Break My Arm.”

In the aftermath of Thursday’s 45-24 loss to New England, Lions quarterback Shaun Hill has been outspoken in his disdain over how he was treated by the Patriots defense on Thanksgiving Day.

Hill, who just recovered from a broken forearm suffered against the New York Giants earlier in the season, said Patriots defenders attempted to break his arm midway during the second quarter on a quarterback sneak attempt.

After an attempt for extra yardage, Hill said he felt a defender trying to break his arm and at that point the ball came out. However, officials deemed Hill down on the play.

Hill explains:

Somebody was down there (in the pile) literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken. Literally, trying. And, uh, y’know, I guess wasn’t seen (by officials).

Evidently, rough play in piles is a new concept to Hill.

Perhaps he should do his homework. Players aren’t exactly exchanging recipes for apple pies and chocolate chip cookies down there.

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