Brett Favre

Brett Favre Wears A Purple Hand

For those who thought Brett Favre was playing one of his usual games of “will he, won’t he” leading up to Sunday last night’s game versus the Giants, take a close look at Favre’s right hand in this picture.

As shown on SB Nation, it is purple.

Favre, of the sprained right shoulder and numb hand, missed his first game as a starter in the NFL. His record streak of 297 consecutive starts came to a screeching halt last night.

The Vikings opted not to put him on injured reserve for the moment and head coach Leslie Frazier says he is improving.

I’m guessing we’ve seen (should see) the last of Favre. There is no upside for him to play in any of the remaining three games.

However, when dealing with Favre, it’s anyone’s guess.

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