News and Notes

Random Stuff: T.O. Points A Finger…ScarJo Is On The Market…Aaron Rodgers…More Cliff Lee

I wanted to use this opportunity to post another pic regarding the great Cliff Lee. We will get to other news though.

It took over half the season but Terrell Owens is starting to place blame in Cincinnati…Aaron Rodgers is selling more jerseys than Brett Favre these days…Kyle Orton is still a starter.

DeSean Jackson expects to get paid handsomely…Scarlett Johansson is a free agent…Cliff Lee lands in Philly…Former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas says the Sal Alosi incident was a part of a wall conspiracy by the Jets.

Joe Namath thinks Mark Sanchez’s play scares him…Vikings/Bears will not take place at the Metrodome on Monday night…Just like the US Postal Service, the Patriots keep delivering.


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