Brett Keisel

Poll Me: Better Beard…Jayson Werth or Brett Keisel

Picture courtesy of Brian McCarthy's Twitter (@nflprguy).

Today’s Super Bowl Media Day seemed to be a rather ho-hum affair (with the notable exception of a reporter asking Hines Ward about a team trip to a Dallas strip club a night earlier).

However, Steelers linebacker Brett Keisel’s spectacular beard highlighted Pittsburgh’s session.

His growth begs a significant question. Between Keisel and ex-Phillie Jayson Werth, who rocks a better beard?

Here is a refresher on Mr. Werth:

Time is yours…

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  1. Very funny article on the Hines Ward strip club story at

    Basically claims that the reporter who broke the story was laughed at by a room full of reporters when Texas Governor Rick Perry questioned his ethics.

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