Dallas Cowboys

The JMRA Hall of Fame Inductee – The Triplets

The next entry into the JMRA Hall of Fame lands us in Dallas with three of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all-time.


During 1988 to 1990, the Cowboys managed to snag Irvin, Aikman, and Smith, respectively, in three consecutive drafts.

The Triplets, as they were known, served as the Dallas three-headed machine that devastated the NFL landscape from 1991 to 1995.

The Cowboys won three Super Bowls during that period beginning with the ’92 season.

Along with head coach Jimmy Johnson, The Triplets helped resuscitate a previously decaying franchise that suffered from age and poor talent.

When Smith left Dallas following the 2002 season, it officially closed the book on the Cowboys trio.

However, Smith, Aikman, Irvin left a mark in Dallas that will never be forgotten.

By the way, if you’re a fan of the 90s Cowboys, Boys Will Be Boys by Jeff Pearlman is mandatory reading.

Just skip over the part about Charles Haley and team meetings. Seriously, you’ll thank me later.

Moments of The Triplets:

1. Super Bowl XXVII

2. 1995 NFC Championship Game:

3. The Shoulder Game:

4. Mile High Drive:

5. The Black Hole:

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