JMRA Hall of Fame

The JMRA Hall of Fame Inductee – Kurt Warner

The JMRA Hall of Fame rolls on with the greatest shelf-stocking quarterback in NFL history.


As explained in previous posts about Mr. Warner, he helped put clothes on the back of a college kid back in 1999 as he terrorized NFL defenses during his first season as an NFL starter.

The trigger man of the St. Louis-based “Greatest Show on Turf”, Warner endured a rather bizarre career arc.

He led the Rams to the franchise’s lone Super Bowl win during the ’99 season; got them back to the Super Bowl in ’01; and then was out of St. Louis after the 2003 season.

He spent a forgettable year with the Giants before Eli Manning took over the reigns at quarterback.

Then, in a redo of his rags to riches tail with the Rams, Warner joined Arizona in 2005 and led them to Super Bowl XLIII before falling just short of another Super Bowl ring.

Littered with broken fingers, concussions, and a feud between his wife, Brenda, and then-Rams head coach Mike Martz, Warner’s career is still one to be savored.

He revived two franchises in St. Louis and Arizona that were dead on arrival prior to him taking over.

Interestingly enough, the Rams have only made one playoff appearance since Warner left (’04).

Meanwhile, Cardinals fans had to endure the Matt Leinart/Derek Anderson/Max Hall/John Skelton eras (or errors) in 2010.

Warner’s presence and lack thereof in those cities is just one of the many reasons why he is JMRA Hall of Fame worthy.

Moments of Warner:

1. Warner’s Throw Beats Buc Ball – 1999 NFC Championship Game:

2. The Reverend – Super Bowl XXXIV:

3. 2008 NFC Championship Game:

4. 2009 NFC Wild Card Game:

5. Kurt Warner Does The Dagger:

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