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Tiki Barber Is Back.!/MAXX_Talent/statuses/45200919998103553

Nearly five years after his last game, Tiki Barber aims to return to the NFL next season.

When we last saw the 35-year-old Barber on as an active player, he rushed for 1,662 yards during 2006 before the Philadelphia Eagles ushered his Giants out of the playoffs during the ’06 postseason.

The league confirmed Barber’s plans to return to the league today.

While the Giants still have the rights to Barber, the team issued a statement claiming they will release their former star runner once a new collective bargaining agreement is signed.

It marks the continuation of a rather bizarre stretch for Barber.

Soon after his retirement following the ’06 season, Barber landed a reporting gig with NBC’s Today Show.

His star plummeted in 2010 though after he split with then-pregnant wife, Ginny, following revelations regarding Barber’s alleged affair with ex-NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson.

Barber’s image was under such scrutiny that he hired a public relations firm last August to “repair” his tarnished image.

Meanwhile, his league rep appears to need work as well.

Earlier today on ESPN, former teammate Antonio Pierce chimed in on whether Barber could be a leader on and off the field for a prospective new team:

From personal experience, he didn’t do anything to help the Giants [in] 2006 when he decided to retire in the middle of the season and then months later question our quarterback and our head coach. That is my problem with Tiki Barber … the guy can play. Can he do it four years later? I don’t think he can.

Neither do I.

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