Month: February 2011

Hines Ward Joins Dancing With The Stars Cast

Hines Ward will have plenty to do if there is an NFL work stoppage. He will join a long line of NFLers to previously trip the light fantastic on Dancing With The Stars including Kurt Warner, Emmitt Smith, Chad Ochocinco, Jerry Rice, and Lawrence Taylor.

Happy Birthday Ric Flair!

Today is a joyous day for JMRA. It’s the 62nd birthday of the legendary Ric Flair, one of the true heroes of the 1980s. I’m going to kindly ignore Mr. Flair “icing bros” on TV last night as I’ve been informed over the last 24 hours. Do the […]

A Stitch In Time: The 1987 NFL Strike

The NFL’s last work stoppage came in 1987 when the NFLPA decided to strike, prompting the league to use replacement players. The strike only lasted a month but damaged the season’s quality for three weeks when Guido Merkens and some guy named Sean Payton were forced to take […]

Poll Me: NBA or NHL?

I felt compelled to ask this question after listening to a radio show where one of the co-host said, “who watches the slam dunk contest?” Well Buster, apparently over eight million people did on Saturday night according to Nielsen.