JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: Tom Brady Is A Playmaker

By this time next week, we could be at the beginning stages of a long NFL work stoppage.

Thus, it’s time to celebrate the NFL one last Sunday before our worst nightmare as sports fans begins.

Tom Brady inspired musician Mads Tolling to compose a song called “The Playmaker.”

In other Brady related news, ex-flame Bridget Moynahan spoke out publicly about TB12 and Gisele…sort of.

The NFLPA considers decertification.

Common sense wins the week as the “Breakup Notifier” goes up and is promptly taken down.

Cam Newton is beginning to captivate members of the media.

Rams scout Luke Driscoll was arrested in Indianapolis for exposing himself to a female office and for public intoxication.

Edmond Gates and Ricardo Lockette are very, very fast.

Lovie Smith received an extension from the Bears.


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