Gus Johnson

NFL Lockout Day #1: The Explosion of Gus Johnson

Until the NFL Lockout ends, we will bring you random daily items in an effort to improve your life, raise general awareness, or to provide further distraction from such ominous terms as “collective bargaining agreement”, “federal mediator”, or “18-game season”.

Our virgin voyage into lockout waters finds us at the doorstep of Gus Johnson once more.

Johnson called a buzzer-beating Pac-10 title game between Washington and Arizona for CBS earlier this evening.

Just when we think Gus can’t top himself from previous efforts, he once again showed us that the term “March Madness” is code for “Gus Johnson Time”.

His call of Isaiah Thomas’s game-winning jumper to put Washington into the NCAA tourney tested the sound barrier but it is why folks love Gus.

Tournament time can’t arrive soon enough.

As always, remember to rise and fire.

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  1. The thing that upsets me about the lockout is that while NFL owners are saying that they need more money to support their financing of stadiums, people forget that taxpayers have paid for about 1/2 of the building costs for those stadiums. Why’d they do that? Because the NFL teams threatened to leave cities where taxpayers didn’t contribute exorbitant funds, and small businesses were promised more revenues. Taxpayers have every right to be upset. A little more information here…

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