New Orleans Saints

Reggie Bush Thinks He Is Out Of New Orleans!/reggie_bush/status/63811091796471808

Shortly after the New Orleans Saints drafted Alabama running back Mark Ingram in the first round of the NFL Draft, Reggie Bush went emo on Twitter.

The only thing missing from that tweet was a frown face emoticon.

Wait, I’ll add it for him.


Is Bush blowing Ingram’s arrival out of proportion?


Ingram is not a pass catching threat. While he was the alpha dog in the Crimson Tide backfield, he caught 60 passes in three seasons.

Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke with Bush on Friday after the Ingram selection to smooth over any concerns the former Trojan might carry.

While Payton addressed the football aspect with Bush, there is a business side to what will happen next.

The Saints running back rotation now includes Ingram, Pierre Thomas, Julius Jones, Lynell Hamilton, and Bush for the moment.

That is a crowded backfield and an expensive one considering Bush’s $11.8 million salary for the upcoming 2011 season.

If he is back with the Saints, it can’t be at that number.

He has to take a paycut. If not, his tweet will become reality.

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