Baltimore Ravens

LaMarr Woodley Does Not Believe In Joe Flacco

While appearing on NFL Network yesterday, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley was asked if the Baltimore Ravens could reach the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco at the helm.

His answer was honest and to the point:

No, not at all because they have to go through one team — that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers in that AFC championship. So in order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we’re not gonna let that happen once we get that close. So that’s not gonna happen in this lifetime.

I couldn’t agree more LaMarr.

Baltimore’s heart and soul is their defense and will be until Ray Lewis and/or Ed Reed bolt town.

Whenever Baltimore’s defense is under duress (i.e. vs. Manning’s Colts in ’09 playoffs/vs. Pittsburgh in ’10 playoffs), guess who has to make plays?

Yep, Joe Flacco.

In other words, unless Baltimore’s defense and running game controls the game’s tempo, Flacco can’t get it done.

Flacco’s numbers don’t lie.

During his seven playoff games, Flacco’s passer rating has finished below 70 on five occasions. Two of those performances (’08 AFC title game/’09 AFC Wild Card) saw the former Delaware Blue Hen finish with a quarterback rating under 20.

If you’re not a subscriber to passer rating, which is quite understandable, there is another Flacco number that is worrisome.

Nine. That is how many times Flacco has turned over the football in seven playoff games. If Baltimore was a high-flying passing attack, those numbers would be a bit easier to swallow.

Instead, it seems that Flacco blows up at the worst times for Baltimore.

The translation is pretty simple.

When the game is in Flacco’s hands come playoff time, the Ravens will go home.

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  1. God help us if LaMarr hits him too hard when they start playing again. I’m surprised he wasn’t fined for insulting a quarterback. That will be the next level of QB protection…words.

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