David Tyree

David Tyree Would Trade Super Bowl For End To Gay Marriage

From now until the end of sports or whenever the next proposed Rapture occurs, the image of David Tyree’s tide-turning “Helmet Catch” during Super Bowl XLII will likely find its way into your home.

The same man who helped take down the previously unbeaten New England Patriots in February 2008 is fighting another opponent these days.

Tyree told the New York Daily News that he “probably would” trade his Super Bowl XLII victory for an end to gay marriage.

He stated that “there’s nothing worth more than [maintaining heterosexual marriage] right here for me.”

A week removed from stating gay marriage would lead to anarchy, Tyree shed more light on why ending gay marriage was a significant cause.

“So once you allow something like same-sex marriage, it opens up the door for a continual softening to the backbone of our society, which will eventually, for generations to come, open up the door for who knows, polygamy, and all other” things.

Sports is a funny thing. If Eli Manning turns the ball over later in that drive during Super Bowl XLII or Tyree drops that pass, I’m not typing this.

Instead, Tyree is using his greatest career achievement to speak out against a political/social issue; while in one fell swoop casting aside the reason why anyone would bother to stick a microphone in his face at this point.

The concept of gay marriage is a hotly contested issue. I’m highly confident that Tyree is not the man who should publicly offer opinions on what is right and wrong in America though.

Too bad Rodney Harrison could not bat down that pass.

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