Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The 1982 Washington Redskins

The master of labor unrest versions of the NFL was none other than Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs, whose Skins won Super Bowls following work stoppages during the ’82 and ’87 seasons.

Today’s TT finds us in RFK Stadium with the ’82 Skins.

Instead of a normal NFL season in ’82, a strike condensed matters to a nine-game schedule.

As a result, the league decided to put together a “Super Bowl Tournament,” featuring eight teams from each conference.

The NFC half reached its climax with a pair of mortal enemies as the final two teams standing.

The Redskins and Cowboys battled for the right to play in Super Bowl XVII, to be held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Sadly for Dallas fans, the poo-poo platter of Danny White and Gary Hogeboom was no match for the Redskins, who won the NFC title, 31-17.

Besides the incredibly raucous RFK crowd, one of the best parts of this game proved to be the manner in which Gibbs deployed star running back John Riggins.

Gibbs called the Diesel’s number 36 times to the tune of 140 yards rushing and two touchdowns on the afternoon.

I kind of miss this type of running game in today’s NFL. Once the Redskins grabbed a lead in this game, it was Riggins left, Riggins right, Riggins up the middle.

The Diesel was a closer personified.

One week later, Washington crushed the hopes of Miami to win Super Bowl XVII, 27-17.

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