Peyton Manning

Poll Me: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

The NFL Network’s Top 100 players poll will end on Sunday.

It’s almost a stone-cold lock that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will finish one and two. The only question is who will get the nod from their peers as the NFL’s best player.

I’d like to put a slightly different twist on the Manning vs. Brady debate.

In a one-game scenario, who would you rather have?

Now, before answering here are the variables involving the aforementioned game:

  • The game would take place in sunny conditions at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.
  • Either quarterback will face the best single-season defense of all-time…the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • A win by either quarterback would net you $5 million in income and a trust fund for your child’s college education.
  • A loss would result in you losing your home, job, and spouse.*

No pressure. Choose wisely.

*If you don’t have a spouse, choose your boyfriend/girlfriend, most valuable possession, etc.


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