Hines Ward

Hines Ward Has Some Explaining To Do

A police report released today in the Hines Ward case potentially damages his manager’s claim that the Super Bowl XL MVP was sober.

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Dancing With The Stars champion was arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta early Saturday morning.

According to a police report released on Monday, the former Georgia Bulldog failed field sobriety tests, including showing an inability to properly recite the alphabet.

While Ward indicated he only had two Coronas, the report painted a vastly different picture.

Soon after his Aston Martin hit a curb, Ward was pulled over and eventually given sobriety tests. During the examination, he showed poor balance and also became agitated during the process.

Interestingly enough, Ward refused to participate in a breath sample test, which would have been admissible in court.

Andrew Ree, Ward’s manager, indicated that all of the details have not been revealed and once that occurs, Ward will be proven innocent.

Video of the arrest exists but DeKalb County police does not plan on releasing the video since the case is still active.

In related news, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice caused a Twitter dust up with Ward’s teammate Ryan Clark, when he speculated that Ward may not be around when the two teams meet in Week 1.


Rice is right.

Once the lockout ends, I’d be somewhat surprised if this situation doesn’t conclude with Ward missing games.

It appears that Ward and the term “NFL personal conduct policy” are two terms that will turn up in sentences together in the near future.

Ward’s court date in DeKalb County is October 6.

Clearly, the Steelers and Georgia don’t get along.

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