New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski Needs The NFL Lockout To End…Yesterday

When the lockout ends at some point in the next week, don’t be surprised if New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski receives a talking to from Bill Belichick and his front office cohorts.

The above frat boy centric picture was tweeted to supermodel Kate Upton.

To dispel any confusion, the 19-year-old Upton is highly attractive but you probably knew that just as Mr. Gronkowski does.

Not to be outdone, Gronkowski’s brother tweeted a slightly similar clownish pic to Upton.

This all seems to stem from the following tweet Gronkowski sent to Upton on her birthday last month:!/RobGronkowski/status/79372600987492352

Anyhow, I suspect this is not the Patriot Way that guys like Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison glowingly talked about for years.

Unless of course, using a furniture piece as a phallic symbol was covered during training camp last year.

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