NFL Lockout

Heath Evans Tweet Claims Dishonest Practices By Owners In Proposal!/HeathEvans/status/94205470344085504

Celebrations began on social media platforms once word arrived that NFL owners ratified a proposal to end the lockout.

The 31-0 vote placed the pressure on the players’ side to review the proposal and potentially vote on it at some point. Alas, once the players agreed we’d have the framework setup to begin the 2011 NFL season.

Well…not so fast.

New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans tweeted that the owners inserted things that were never agreed upon in the proposal being sifted through by the players.

This corroborates Jay Glazer of NFL Network stating that the players would not vote tonight in their conference call.

Back to square one kids.

The players will look bad on the surface but I’m totally in their camp. That is a dirty move by the owners.

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