Michael Vick

ESPN Asks You To View Michael Vick As White For A Moment

Image From ESPN The Magazine

Published in the upcoming edition of ESPN The Magazine, an article written by Touré features a white-faced version of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

The article itself examines the “blackness” of Vick’s quarterbacking and then dives into “what ifs” surrounding the ex-Atlanta Falcon.

Unfortunately though, the article is overshadowed by a picture that almost appears as if it was created in Madden.

The article views how Vick’s actions would be viewed if a white player had committed crimes against dogs.

It also questioned if Vick’s upbringing would have been different with white parents.

Regardless, there were probably better ways to handle this article than generating a pointless photo of a white Michael Vick.

Our country will figure out race relations one of these days. I just hope I’m around to see it.

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