Miami Dolphins

Marc Anthony & Will Smith Hang At Patriots/Dolphins Game

This curious image appeared during ESPN’s opening edition of Monday Night Brady, during which New England’s quarterback supreme and the Patriots slayed Miami 38-24.

Typically, who would care about some photo of Marc Anthony and Will Smith with third-wheel Dwyane Wade mugging for the camera at a Dolphins game?

To the unaware, Smith and Anthony are rumored to be at odds after the Men In Black star allegedly caught the former Mr. Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett-Smith sending Gatsby back home.

As a result, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the Mrs. are on the outs.

Anthony, who is a minority owner of the Dolphins, and Smith appear to be faking it like never before in this photo.

Meanwhile, Wade almost seemed to be photoshopped into the pic.

Nothing like a good photo op in order to debunk a rumor.

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