Pittsburgh Steelers

Don’t Worry Steelers Fans, An Old Friend May Help You On Sunday

When we last saw the Seahawks and Steelers play in a high-profile game, it was in Super Bowl XL during the 2005 season.

That game was steeped in controversy due to several questionable calls made by referee Bill Leavy and his officiating crew.

When the 0-1 Steelers host the 0-1 Seahawks on Sunday, Pittsburgh and Seattle fans will see a familiar face. Once again, Leavy has been assigned to referee a Seahawks/Steelers contest.

It was Leavy who admitted to Seattle press last season to making mistakes during Super Bowl XL that in his opinion, “impacted the game.”

Surely, seeing Leavy’s face during a Seahawks/Steelers game again will agitate many longtime ‘Hawks fans.

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