Michael Vick

Lessons In Protecting Elite QBs Vol. 1 – Aaron Rodgers

After Sunday’s Giants-Eagles affair, Michael Vick of “not broken now but severely bruised right hand” fame, openly complained about officials not giving him the same respect as they would “elite” quarterbacks.

Vick was salty over the penalty-free beating he took from the Giants including one hit that led to his right hand injury.

In an effort to explain what Mr. Vick is talking about, we’ll attempt to dig up as many of these dome rockers as a point of reference to illustrate his argument.

First up is this Julius Peppers blast to Aaron Rodgers during the NFC title game last January. Peppers was tagged for a personal foul for helmet to helmet contact.

A few of Vick’s shots were questionable including Jason Pierre-Paul’s head-hunting conquest earlier in the game.

However, he has to buck up. It’ll even out; assuming of course, he can actually survive the season in one piece.

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