Michael Vick

NY Post Depicts Michael Vick As A Crybaby

Today’s New York Post back cover features a baby version of Michael Vick, complete with baby bottle and bib.

Vick’s postgame comments on Sunday are still causing discussion around the country, even though the Eagles quarterback backtracked on Monday.

He said his comments after Philly’s 29-16 loss to the Giants were “out of character” and he doesn’t plan on complaining about the refs again anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the Giants are less than sympathetic over Vick’s claims.

Defensive lineman Dave Tollefson said New York’s hard-hitting ways were completely legal:

I didn’t see anything on film [yesterday] that looked like we were doing anything dirty.  I thought we were puttin’ great legal hits on him. That’s become a pretty big focal point now in the league, is the legal hits on the quarterback, how you hit him, late hits, etc., etc. And after watching film, I felt like we did a really good job of when it was a gray area we didn’t hit him, and when we had a chance to hit him legally, we hit him. . . . As defensive linemen, that’s our job — we’re supposed to hit the quarterback. I don’t think any of us apologize for any type of way that we hit him.

Round two of Eagles/Giants arrives on Sunday, November 20.

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