New York Giants

Vince Young Beats Giants; Awkward Week Of QB Talk Begins

Vince Young is the new face of clutch in Philadelphia…for now.

After Philadelphia’s surprising 17-10 win over the New York Giants on Sunday night, callers filtered into the sports talk radio universe to talk about how the Eagles “never had a fourth quarter quarterback” until Young came on the scene.

(I’m sorry, I must have missed the Donovan McNabb era, which based off of reactions from Eagles Nation is digitally erased from memories on a daily basis. But I digress.)

Young threw three interceptions but posted 258 yards and a pair of scores in the victory. His greatest contribution though turned out to be one of the better drives of the 2011 NFL season.

I almost fainted while viewing this drive summary that culminated with the memorable Young to Riley Cooper pass-catching combination coming together for the game-winning score late in the fourth quarter:

That’s right kids. Young engineered an 18-play, 80 yard drive for a go-ahead score that lasted nearly nine minutes.

This is the same Young that looked dreadful in two cameo appearances earlier this season.

This is the same Young that threw his pads into the stands during a game at Tennessee last season and was run out of town soon after.

Yet, Young has saved Philadelphia’s 4-6 ship from momentarily sinking.

The Eagles still trail New York and Dallas by two games in the NFC East with six to play but Sunday night’s win could finally turn Philadelphia into the team many observers felt they would become.

Now, with New England arriving to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, another question looms for head coach Andy Reid.

Vick or Young?

According to, an Eagles source stated that Young’s play against the Giants gives the Birds an option to hold out the injured Vick a bit longer.

While Young delivered a victory to the Eagles, Vick’s appearance is a necessity for them to make a run.

Young’s win tonight may help him land work as a starter next season but it should not lead to him being Philadelphia’s starter.

However, the talking heads will have plenty to discuss leading up to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, & company coming to Philadelphia in Week 12.


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