Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles Top Vince Young & Eagles, 31-14

Marshawn Lynch racked up 148 yards and two touchdowns under the clear influence of one of life’s great pleasures, Skittles, on Thursday night.

Lynch caught the rainbow while Philadelphia caught their eighth loss of the season, 31-14, on Thursday in Seattle.

Going into beast mode, Lynch ran through the Eagles on a 15-yard scoring run to give Seattle a 7-0. Then, he ran around them on a 40-yard touchdown romp later in the first half.

In between the two scores, he was fed a bag of Skittles to replenish his system.

Between Lynch’s affection for Skittles and teammate Golden Tate’s devotion of Top Pop doughnuts, Seattle dentists could clean up on cavities.

Conversely, I’m hoping the Eagles fed Vince Young Whatchamacallits; at least that would be an acceptable explanation for his dreadful four-interception performance.

Lynch’s Skittle-fueled touchdown runs sent Philadelphia to a 4-8 mark and a very quick start to a winter vacation.

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