Chris Johnson

One Fan Is Not Quite Sold On The Resurgence Of Chris Johnson!/ChrisJohnson28/status/143557441097957376

After a slow start following a prolonged holdout, Titans running back Chris Johnson has Tennessee in the hunt for an AFC playoff berth.

CJ2K failed to hit 100 yards rushing in seven of Tennessee’s first eight games but once again, he is the bee’s knees.

He slammed Tampa for 190 yards last week and then followed up with a 153-yard, two touchdown performance yesterday in Buffalo.

Not everyone is buying this Johnson resurgance.

This disgruntled fan (likely to be a bitter fantasy football enthusiast) still believes Johnson isn’t very good.

Ever the polite runner, Johnson offered a message to the bandwagon jumpers:!/ChrisJohnson28/status/143559685008654337

I don’t think Tennessee is going to have enough gas to reach the playoffs but getting their best player back on track helps.

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