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AFC Playoff Picture Is Now Complete

Following Oakland’s 38-26 loss to the San Diego Chargers at home and thus, blowing the AFC West title, our American Football Conference playoff picture is now in focus.

Here is the rundown:

1. New England (13-3, AFC East champ, bye)

2. Baltimore (12-4, AFC North champ, bye)

3. Houston (10-6, AFC South champ)

4. Denver (8-8, AFC West champ)

5. Pittsburgh (12-4, Wild Card)

6. Cincinnati (9-7), Wild Card)

As a result, here is next week’s AFC slate with times and dates to be determined.

6. Cincinnati at 3. Houston

5. Pittsburgh at 4. Denver

Clearly, the standout meeting will be the Steelers getting a shot at Tebowmania the Broncos.

Remember, the AFC’s top seed has not won a Super Bowl since the ’03 Patriots. Meanwhile, the AFC’s top seed has only reached the Super Bowl three times since 2003 (’07 Patriots, ’09 Colts).

Considering how spacy and underwhelming New England’s defense has been this season, it’s very possible that the top seeded Patriots struggle to get out of the AFC side of the bracket again.


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